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Since 1969 3 million Canadian human foetuses have been aborted.

300 abortions occur every day in Canada.

It is the largest on-going and deliberate destruction of life in history.

80% or more of foetuses with 'serious conditions' are aborted, including 90% of Down Syndrome babies.

Peterborough Pro-Life has been in existence for 30 years and is dedicated to helping women who are pregnant, educating the general public about the consequences of abortion; and defending the right to life of all foetuses. Human life starts at conception. This is a scientific, as well as a moral fact.

A human embryo is precisely that – a human. It is not the egg of a salamander, a reptile, nor a clump of tissue. It is a developing human. We support a culture of life, not a cult of death.

By week 5 the baby is distinct, moving and generating brain waves. By week 8 every single organ is developing. By week 20 the baby can hear the mother's voice.....



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