Many women faced with an unwanted pregnancy may view abortion as their only solution. They may lack moral and practical support from their family and friends. Statistics indicated that women who have had abortions were encouraged to do so by boyfriends or parents. Often the woman, and those who help her make a decision, aren't aware of the medical and psycho-social ramifications of abortion.

In her study of post abortion syndrome, Dr. Anne Catherine Speckhard of the University of Minnesota found the following long-term manifestations five to 10 years after the abortion. According to Teri and Paul Reisser, authors of Focus on the Family's booklet, Identifying and Overcoming Postabortion Syndrome , the trauma of an abortion can follow a woman for the rest of her life. These are some of the post-abortive symptoms: -For further reading on post abortion syndrome read , Help for the Post-abortion woman by Teri and Paul Reisser (Zondervan). 
-This material adapted from The Standard , with permission.