Abortion compared to other causes of Death

Is a culture of death which promotes abortion – but frets endlessly about 'pet rights' or Gaia.

Killing a human is fine. But never kick my dog or cut down that tree.

Statistics in the US mirror those of Canada and other 'developed', 'civilized' states on a per capita basis. Based on the Abortion death rate anyone with common sense and a conscious would know that Abortion should be illegal.

15 leading causes of death in USA [Link]
Cause of Death 2009 Deaths
Abortion 1,212,400
Diseases of heart 598,607
Malignant neoplasms 568,668
Chronic lower respiratory diseases 137,082
Cerebrovascular diseases 128,603
Accidents (unintentional injuries) 117,176
Alzheimer’s disease 78,889
Diabetes mellitus 68,504
Influenza and pneumonia 53,582
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis 48,714
Intentional self-harm (suicide) 36,547
Septicemia 35,587
Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis 30,444
Essential hypertension and hypertensive renal disease 25,651
Parkinson’s disease 20,552
Assault (homicide) 16,591